Sochi 2014

The great opportunity to meet Russian women and get to know Russian culture will be the Olympic and Paralympic winter Games in 2014. They will take place in Sochi, which is a wonderful Russian city in the Krasnodar region.


Sochi is a multicultural city with population of about 400 000 people. Sochi is often referred as the «Russian Riviera». It’s the nation’s major Black Sea port city, a well-known resort and a modern cultural centre situated on the Black sea shore at the bottom of the snow-capped Caucasus Mountains. Also Sochi is the largest resort region in the Russian Federation. It stretches for 140 km along the Black Sea coast and includes the Krasnaya Polyana mountain resort area. There you will feel the mixture of coastal and mountain way of life. Besides the climate is wonderful in that place. The winters are mild and snowy. But the weather and nature are not the only reasons to visit Sochi. The city architecture is beautiful and there are a lot of national parks, endless beaches and mineral baths there.


The winter Olympics 2014 will be hold in Sochi from February, 7 to February, 23. It will be the second Olympic Games in Russia. The first took place in Moscow in summer of 1980. If you like sports going to Olympics will let you to mix business with pleasure. First of all the Olympic Games is always the great show and will sure be able to enjoy it. Besides don’t forget about the opportunity to meet a lot of Russian women who are fond of sports and most likely to lead the healthy way of life. If you have the similar interests you have all chances to meet you’re the only one there.



Best Sochi Women! Think about it! And good luck!